Food Development Center



A center that provides technical services, technologies and training to ensure the quality and safety of agricultural and fishery products for the export market.  The Food Development Center is an ISO 9001:2000 certified directorate of the National Food Authority.


Quality food moving from farm to consumer, in the process adding value to the produce of farmers and fishermen and providing gainful employment to the poor.


NFA-FDC is committed to upgrading the quality of food moving through the food chain by providing the technical resources required and strengthening the manpower capability needed to make it happen.


NFA-FDC aims to be a recognized center for appropriate technologies, training, product and process evaluation, inspection, and standards development.

NFA-FDC is committed to timely delivery of all products and services that consistently and reliably comply with customer requirements and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

NFA-FDC is committed to the continual improvement of its quality management system.

National Food Authority, a Government-owned and controlled corporation under the Department of Agriculture


Historical Background

FDC began in 1968 as the Research Department of the Food Terminal Incorporated (FTI), a government corporation known at that time, as the Greater Manila Terminal Food Market.Its task was to develop grade standards for fresh produce.

During the years 1969-1979 as FTI grew into a food storage and marketing center, FDC provided technical support to freezing, packing and food storage activities. This gave FDC experience in food processing and low-temperature storage at a commercial level.

In the period 1980-1985, FTI as part of the National Food Authority (NFA), operated a chain of food stores known as the KADIWA Centers. In this program, FDC ensured the quality of almost 500 million pesos worth of fresh and processed foods sold nationwide yearly at the Kadiwa Centers and exported to the United States and other foreign markets. This gave FDC experience in food quality control at a commercial level.

In 1986, when the Kadiwa Centers were dissolved, FDC offered its vast experience in evaluating and preserving food quality to the food export industry as a Technology Development Center. At the same time, FDC became the implementing arm of NFA under a Memorandum of Agreement for technical exchange and product certification with the United States Food and Drug Administration.

In March 1987, FDC was transferred to the National Food Authority as one of its directorates. This was required by two foreign commitments of government, namely: a) an NFA loan from the Asian Development Bank, for an Agro-Processing and Marketing Project which funded the upgrading of FDC’s facilities in 1982 and b) an Agreement between the Japanese and the Philippine governments in 1986 and formalized in October 1987 for the building of the Food Development Center Project as a donation from Japan.

In March 1989, FDC moved into the two billion and forty-seven million yen (Y2,047,000,000.00) R&D facility donated by the Japanese government. Since then it has expanded its programs of technical assistance to the food industry.