National Codex Organization (NCO)

Philippine National Codex Organization (NCO)
The National Codex Organization (NCO) is a body composed of representatives from Philippine government agencies, non-government organizations and the industry sector with an interest in the nature and content of Codex standards and related texts. It includes, but is not limited to, food control agencies, academe, professional groups, scientific and technical institutions or associations, peoples’ organizations, trade bodies, consumer groups, farmer organizations and food manufacturers. It serves as a working body to achieve the goals of NCO. It also serves as an advisory body to the government on issues arising from or related to the work of the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC).

Governments and the food industry have direct interest in the Codex processes, as well as the consumers who are the ultimate beneficiaries of food production, regulation and control systems. Given the desirability for all these interested groups to become involved in, and consulted about national policy and technical positions to be taken at Codex meetings, there is a significant need for coordination and management of the consultative processes. The establishment of National Codex Organization (NCO) serves a most useful service by ensuring that consultation is undertaken and that accurate, fair and balanced advice is provided to the government.

The primary terms of reference of the NCO is to advise government on the implications of various food standardization and food control issues which have arisen and are related to the work undertaken by the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC). Such a consultative group provides important benefits for the government so as to assist in ensuring a safe supply of food to consumers while at the same time maximizing the opportunities for industry development and expansion of international trade.